Sunday, 7 March 2010

Vintage Fair

Yesterday was the Vintage Fair in the Guildhall in Cambridge. Basically the highlight of about 4 months. Well at least shopping wise. I had saved up, and it did not dissappoint.

I actually wore a dress I got at the last vintage fair they put on! Not purposefully. Its really tight fitting with a massive tartan bow.

The jewellery selection was incredible.

Beth, Jess, Me and Georgia

I spoke to one of the organisers  and she told me they are based in Leeds and organise Vintage Fairs all over the country, I mentioned I am possibly going to uni in Leeds and she gave me some contact details as they are looking for people to join the organising team. How awesome would that be?!  In the meantime, she said they need some promotion in Cambridge so I will hopefully be helping with that.
I came away with some amazing clothes. I got a pair of high waisted leather shorts, a folk/bohemian hippie dress for the Summer and another dress that needs a bit of work but the fabric is amazing. Georgia from also got a beautiful Frank Usher top which looked so so Chanel. Hopefully she will post on it soon!

Here is one of the bohemian/ folk dresses I got at the fair for £5!


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