Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Everyone is talking about whether or not Lindsay Lohan turned up to the Ungaro show. But how about instead talking about how GREAT the Ungaro collection was?! A far more interesting topic. Well in my opinion, it was awesome. The beautiful colour palette, feminine dresses and  mix of patterns and textures all made for my favourite Paris collection so far. Plus the fact that about a year ago, Georgia from http://prettydivine.blogspot.com/ and I met Emmanuel Ungaro himself, he even gave us advice on our fashion persuits and even our art projects.

Got to run, I have my interview at London College of Fashion tomorrow, wish me luck! x

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Ruth loves said...

Wow, the red dress is stunning, it would be lovely for prom. And i love the colour pallette too, so summery and fresh! I love you blog, following :) Care to do the same back :)?

Good luck at your interview!
Love, Ruth x

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