Thursday, 4 March 2010


Some creeeeepy photographs Jess took of me earlier with mirrors. I'm pretty sure she's also doing illusion for her Photography theme. Anyway, loving the new Tank issue, will be posting soon on it but take a look at the website: - its so awesome. And they also have a blog which is an amazing daily read to add to the list! :
I did work experience there last Summer and hope to go back sometime to do a proper internship. Its an incredible magazine.

Todays outfit post:
I got the pink lacy top in a Charity shop in a big barrel where everything was 20p. It was so great! Picked up a few gems there! The belt is from a Vintage shop in Leeds and the shirt-dress worn as a skirt is from a Clothes swap just over a month ago. Talk about saving money!


Milly. said...

I loved what you were wearing today. You looked so summery, and kept grinning at me. That top is sooo nice - 20p is a joke!

&get yourself back to TANK missus!!


Giovanna ♥ said...

Adorable outfit! The top is simply gorgeous!

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