Monday, 1 March 2010

Illusions and portraits

It comes in handy having a beautiful best friend living next door. I tend to do all my shoots with my friend Jessica for my Art project and she uses me sometimes for her photography A level. Yesterday I took these mermaid pictures of her for my Illusions project. Take a look:

This is the shell bra I made for her to wear in the shoot! Its slightly different since then as now is covered in glue gun and sequins!

She looks a bit like an avatar in the reflection!

These are a couple of portraits she took of me today for her photography project, she did my make-up and got me to wear this B-E-A-U-tiful red velvet dress that she got at the Clothes swap about a month ago. You cant see it very well though. Will definately be borrowing it!
Finally, I know I use The Sartorialist as inspiration a LOT but you have to take a look at this inspirational picture: the layering is impeccable! The coat is so awesome, the fur is insane and the picture is incredible.


Joyce said...

good job on the diy bra!

Rae said...

Cute blog thanks for the comment! Feel free to follow my blog!!!


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