Sunday, 28 February 2010

Here are a few shots from some photographs of my boyfriend David I took for my current Art project. I am exploring the title Illusion so these are actually the originals of some of the photos that have been edited. Here's one I'm using though, looking at mirrors.
I really like the top one with the glasses - reminded me of the Tom Ford advert with Nicholas Hoult.
I love menswear, the Sartorialist is probably the reason for this, but if I ever live my dream of being a stylist I hope to style both men and women. Some favourites of mens style from the Sartorialist:
Also loving Johnny Depp's scruffy yet groomed look, he was great on Joathon Ross on Friday with Tim Burton - can't wait for Alice in Wonderland!!


Robyn said...

That's lucky for your bf that you like men's wear! For me, styling my boy is like pulling teeth... I just really don't know as much about it as I do girl's fashion, so I have to try basically everything... I have no guiding "rules" to shorten the process. Your boy's cute, btw, he reminds me of a young Devon Sawa, if you remember him.

Just found your blog, I love it!


kelsea said...

WOAHHH LUCKY YOU!! he's gorgeous AND has great taste ;D
keep up the good work on your blog btw. take care <3

PrettyDivine said...

these photos are so cool!
davids right.. you're such a great photographer...
also, totally agreeing with you on the men's streetstyle. there's a guy i put up on my blog with these black razor glasses and fur bag, he's so cool! ALMOST as cool as david in these pics. woah there.
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