Monday, 22 February 2010

Ok, firstly I have entered a competition run by United Colours of Benetton, the top 100 win some money to spend in the store, but the top 20 get flown to New York to be in the Fall Campaign, fully paid also!! They are looking for individual people with their own sense of style, not just typical model-like looks. Last year the campaign included a guy with lots of piercings and dreadlocks - it was awesome!!

Anyway if you want to take a look its here -

Also heres one of my favourite blogs that I follow - if you want to hear the LFW news from a very experienced reporter who is right at the core of the fashion industry. He is Colin McDowell. - take a look!

Plus - mainly for Georgia from LOVED these two looks from Vivienne Westwood Red Label today:

Also, as the Gothic trend is seeming pretty prevalant on the Catwalks I thought I would post a picture from a recent photoshoot I did with my beautiful friend Jessica:

Seemed fitting! Adele - the photographer is awesome.
(Me left, Jessica on the right)
Listening to Alicia Keys - as always ;)


PrettyDivine said...

oh my weeeestwood, vivienne westwood was so AMAZING! i love that beautiful white coat in the picture.. ahh
did you see the tartan off bodice and the big trousers with the massssive pockets and the t-shirt! the one that said 'only 1 billion will be alive in 2100'!!
i love her.
LOYALTY TO GAIA... or was it gaya? i dunno... but okay... this comment has got a lot off my chest.. and made me sound a bit psycho in the vivienne westwood area..
i am voting for you in that competion: lol-a at italian men. 'hallo'.
that gothic picture is so. cool.
you are beautiful.
i love you.

Lottie said...

nice post!!

Robyn said...

WOW- beautiful photoshoot! You're lucky you can talk your friends into joining in on your fashion adventures... mine won't touch the stuff!


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