Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Vintage Charity shop opening

Sorry this post is so late, blogging plus A-levels this year is not as well as I hoped! But basically a friend of mine called Andrew opened this amazing new vintage charity shop in Cambridge which raises money for the RSPC. I went to the opening which was a beautifully glamourous affair with a chance to see all their new stock as well as snacking on cute and delicious cupcakes. I met Andrew through a fashion show, he was the catwalk coach and at one point worked for Storm Models. He used to teach part time students but now focuses on his shop.
The clothes were insanely reasonable yet gorgeous. There were vintage Laura Ashley dresses and Levi jeans as well as bags and accessories. As it is a charity shop all the workers are volunteers and I am hoping to work for a couple of Saturdays there some time.

This AMAZING picture Andrew actually made himself, I asked if he would sell any because would'nt you want one of these on your wall??!!

This is the bag that I bought. It is my new favourite thing, it even has golfers on the lining and has pockets for everything!


Giovanna ♥ said...

Lovely pictures!! And your bag is super cute and functional!

Anonymous said...

great bag! why is it that the best findings are always vintage? lol


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