Monday, 12 October 2009

Charity Fashion Show catwalk pictures

The pictures finnally came through from the Charity Fashion Show I did with Milly a couple of months ago. (See previous blog post). Here they are: all the clothes were bought from Charity Shops like Oxfam and British Heart Foundation and we then remade or restyled them to appeal to a younger audience and show that Charity shop shopping is the way to go...

Here are all four outfits that I remade and styled. The shredded oversized jumper dress, the floral "jacket" made into a colourful mini dress and the Autumn dress decorated with leaves. The theme was "four seasons" hence the winter, Autumn and Summer. Final photo - beautiful Milly (www.mlle-milly. and I backstage.

Listening to Rabbit Heart - Florence and the Machine

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