Saturday, 11 July 2009

All in aid of Charity

Last week brought the end to my Summer of fashion shows (until me and my beautiful friend Camilla organise one of our own). It was a great show to end on however. It was themed as a Four Seasons Charity Shop Fashion show and this time I was a designer as well as a model alongside Milly. It required us going round both the British Heart Foundation and Oxfam trying to source pieces we could recreate or edit to fit in with each of the Seasons. I made six outfits, three of which I modelled myself and three of which another model wore. The show was at the Junction in Cambridge and there was an auction and raffle of pieces such as a dress from London Fashion week and a beautiful John Rocha dress. My mum won a Sonya Kishmiri purse worth £190 in the raffle! The show was such a success and I would love to do something like it again. Below are some pictures of the outfits I wore. Pictures from the actual show to come....

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