Monday, 13 July 2009

I started my work experience at Tank Magazine today. I was greeted by Leonora who showed me round and I met all the editors and the other interns. I think it may have been one of the most hectic and stressful days of my life, as well as amazing and so interesting.

10AM Shown round the office, met the editors and saw where all the magic happens. Everyone
was so friendly. I met Augusta, another intern who had been there for two weeks.
Leonora gave me my first job, to clean up the meeting room, as they had had a
photoshoot there on wednesday, and prepare it for a meeting.
11AM I was then shown the fashion closet (my heaven) and as Chloe Kerman (the fashion
editor) had just arrived back from a shoot in LA, we had to sort out all the clothes to
be sent back to the designers. All the clothes had to be sorted and labelled, but we had
companies like Alexander Mcqueen, Stella Mccartney and Vivienne Westwoon franitcally
calling wanting their samples back. The whole fashion team were rather stressed out as
they were preparing for the new issue of Tank to come out shortly. Crisis' included not
being able to find 2 Alexander Mcqueen skull rings and trying to find a pair of Gucci
1.00PM As the day was so busy I only took about 15 minutes for my lunch break. Then came
back to sign in about 50 bags of clothes for a shoot of Claudia Schiffer on the cover
tomorrow. I got to handle and check all the Chanel and Miu Miu dresses and
accessories that tomorrow, Claudia will be wearing.
2.00PM I was sent as a courier to Starworks to take back a bag of clothes and shoes. The bag of
clothes was worth about £20 thousand in total so I was extremely stressed, walking
down a very busy Oxford Circus trying to find the building.
Throughout the day, models came in for Chloe or Pandora to look through their portfolio's as they hoped to be in the upcoming issue. Two very tall, very blonde models had only just arrived in London from Scandinavia.
When I arrived back from my Courier duties there was a further 20 bags of clothes and accessories to be sorted for tomorrows shoot.
I am so so tired but looking forward to the rest of this week.

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