Tuesday, 14 September 2010

New beginnings!

I've just come to the end of my first week at London College of Fashion! Its completely tiring but also completely awesome! My styling lecturer is called Giles and he styles Lady Gaga and Beyonce. He also helps on the sets of their video's and with their costumes from their music videos!!! I've also moved in on my own for the first time. I really like it but also miss my family and boyfriend a lot... The people are all really nice and have such individual styles, its really an eclectic mix of people.
Last Wednesday I managed to meet up with some old friends in London and went to Fashion Night Out. Although it started off with an hour and a half queuing outside of Liberty's, it improved immensely when we met and talked to Manolo Blahnik!!!!! He was signing mainly his new book but also items from his new collaboration with Liberty (including shoes, notebooks, fabrics, scarves etc.) He signed a beautiful hankerchief (all I could afford from the collection!) he had designed and even told me he liked my style and said he thought I would do well! Get that for claim to fame! Probably the biggest compliment I've ever had from someone I admire so much!
Then if the night couldn't get any better, Alexandra Schulman (editor of Vogue) walked in, literally right next to me and Georgia and Manolo apologised to the two of us as he briefly walked over to be photographed by the Vogue photographers alongside Schulman and Yasmin Le Bon.
So, all in all, a pretty exciting week. I will not be posting anything as dramatic as this anytime soon I'm sure!

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