Wednesday, 18 August 2010

These pictures are from the latest photoshoot I did for this amazing designer called Jesse Noy. She's moving to London and then on to Australia to finally launch her own brand so these were for her lookbook. In 2005 she won the Graduate designer of the Year, seen here (
she's pretty awesome! The photographer is the beautiful Iris who currently studies photography in London. She does some pretty cool stuff and amazing pictures. Here's her blog: and her flik-r
So this isn't all of them, it was a long shoot! But these are my favourites. On her blog check out her pictures of Lizzie as well, a friend of mine who I introduced to them and they did some gorgeous pictures of her!

Listening to Sixpence none the richer x

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Sophie Ellen Photography said...

Hey love, where were these taken? was it a studio? =) x

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