Thursday, 17 September 2009

A collection of pictures reflecting my thoughts today

Sitting at college, have so much work to do but can't help but daydream about new clothes, university, fashion shows, decorating my room, taking david to Paris, returning to Venice, having a tan, and other such things that seem so unreachable right now (is that even a word?)
I bought a leather jacket the other day for £40 after oogling after one for AGEEES. So satisfactory.
Where I'd love to be: surrounded by magazines
I wish every morning I was greeted with a beautiful sight like this...

Love love love Mischa on her 23rd Birthday, covered in feathers and a tiara for her "Dior" themed party.

2 Outfits I LOVE and WANT... I know there are more important things to think about and I definately do not have any more money to spend on clothes but... just LOOK at those yellow shorts!!!
(From Wildfox)

Going home soon to decorate my bed in a similar fashion, cant WAIT to make my room into a twinkling haven!

Finally... just LOVED this picture :) xxxxx

Listening to Rabbit Heart by Florence and the Machine constantly, literally had it on replay today!

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