Friday, 1 May 2009

Magpies nest

A busy weekend, the parents went away to France for a walking weekend, my auntie came to stay along with the boyfriend. On Saturday morning, I persuaded David, Georgia and Jess to come along to the Salvation Army Sale in the village, about a two minute walk away. It was a closing down sale of mainly clothes and other items such as bags and shoes. It was literally like a magpies nest full of gems after sifting through for about half an hour. I spent about £4, coming away with a silk and lace dress, three bags, a Bohemian print scarf, a Frank Usher sequin 2o's style top, a lace camisole and a 1930's fur coat (to sell on). The others similarly got gems such as a Laura Ashley dress and an amazing bright patchwork sort of dress.

Other charity shop shopping fun to come: Milly and I are volunteering for a fashion show in July, we will be trailing round all the oxfam and cancer research shops in Cambridge with coupons with which to buy outfits for each season which we will then edit and remake to certain themes, and we will be modelling them ourselves!!

Feeling inspired.... summer romance, lace, femininity, flowers, beauty spots....

I wear - silk dress - 50p (salvation army), Nude slip - £5, Belt - urban outfitters £15, Boots - Camden Market £20, Earrings - made by me

Jess wears dress - £1 (salvation army), accessorised with a piece of chiffon tied around waist, pearl headband - dorothy perkins, pearls - £1 (salvation army)
Listening to Unattainable - Little Joy

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