Saturday, 11 April 2009

The perfect LBD

Even though one of the important elements for anyone's wardrobe, the perfect little black dress is surprisingly hard to find. I have always drooled over the subtle yet amazing Chanel LBD's but they are a far away dream. Yet on my birthday of all times I found an amazing substitute. From Topshop! I am not normally a Topshop kind of girl, preffering vintage but they do some great wardrobe staples. I love how it is suitable for both the winter, layered with tights and the summer with a hat and bare legs.

Also paired with my new shoes bought for a fiver at a charity shop. They are sort of doc martin looklikes, very comfy and look great with high hemlines. I love how versitile the dress is, pairing with both the thick manly shoes and the dainty white-heeled boots. Also my new bag, long necklace and the straw hat from Greenbelt (best place ever!)
I did some work experience today, helping out making outfits for a fashion show in June. I made four pairs of shiny leggings and the toile for a ballet dress. Also looking forward to the promo photoshoot next thursday for the fashion show.

Listening to Family Business - Kanye West

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