Monday, 5 January 2009


Last year I came across the wonders of what is apparently called "swishing" - better known as swapping! I had vaguely heard about it until Jess told me she had joined a website - '' where she put up unwanted clothes and swapped for others which she did. I was intriqued. On her account I put a couple of things up however only one swapping request came, it was a good one. What amazes me is that it is so convenient, swapping those old clothes that hang at the back of the wardrobe for someone else's which takes your fancy and all without spending a dime! At the same time being 'eco-friendly' and getting some great clothes while getting rid of the ones you don't want. I managed to swap a very simple denim skirt that I had never worn for a beautiful turqoise blue dress with a beaded front (all be it a size 18) that I made my own cinching it in with a belt. Soon after this, a newly opened space called "The Shop" in Cambridge was hosting a "Make, do and mend" day where there were individual, young artists along with vintage sellers and a big 'swishing' stall going on in the middle. It was genius! I took some tiny shorts that were an impulse buy (and sadly not a successful one) and a pair of old jeans. These were looked at and sort of 'priced' up and then we were given coupons for their worth. I managed to come away with two gorgeous dresses that I have literally not stopped wearing over the Christmas season. Im hooked on this hobby and amazed at some things you can come away with. Maybe with the credit crunch 'swishing' is going to become all the rage?!

(Blue dress has bat wings and although being rather big looks very individual and is a beaut of a colour)
(The black dress is the perfect LBD and has silver sequins on the top and sparkles on it)
(The red dress is short and simple but looks gorgeous and can be dressed up or down)

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