Sunday, 4 January 2009

Camden Market

A couple of months ago Jess and I went on a day trip to Camden market which I had been meaning to do for absolutely ageeees! It did not disappoint. We found an immense shop situated just before the lights to the covered market. On two floors it was filled with vintage dresses, accessories, jump-suits, shoes and coats. We were in there for at least an hour. Its appeal wasn't just the beautiful clothing but also the amazingly cheap price tags. Vintage shopping is so satisfying..there are bargains always to be found. My favourite piece that I came home with was this amazing top. I am in love with it. It can be pulled down and worn as a short dress with leggings or just a top. The colours are so bright and I bagged it for just £20. Camden is every vintage lovers dream. I am wearing it here with a ballet skirt I had when about 12 years old but as its elastic it still fits! Talk about recycling!

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