Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The wonders of Milan

Last weekend I managed to squeeze in an impromtu visit to my brother and his girlfriend who has been studying in Milan for the year. Her appartment shared with two others is beautiful, right by the canal and a 10 minute walk from Milan's centre. Even though there for a quick three days, I was so inspired by the street fashion and culture that I have vowed to go back and hope to have it as an option of my own year out on my fashion degree. I began to see why the streets are a favourite scouring place for the wonderful Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist as they are like catwalks in themselves. Yet while London has some extremely creative street style, it does not have the same "effortless" feel that there was in Milan. It was all in the details. We also managed to go to this amazing antiques market which spanned about four long streets either side of the canal. It sold absolutely everything from exquisitely carved furniture to designer travel bags and vintage clothing. I bagged some gems and admired the many other things! Here a couple of pictures of some of the outfits I wore and some of the sights!

On the left: Top- H&M, dress - piece of cloth bought at a flea market.
On the right: Trousers - bought at a Salvation Army Sale in my village. Black camisole and Edwardian lace bustier bought at Milan antiques market.

Left: Gold earrings - vintage, cardigan - charity shop, scarf - from local Salvation Army Sale
On the right - The antiques market held on the last Sunday of every month, spanning several streets either side of the canal.

The beautiful Duomo and a beautiful painted door on the way into central Milan.


PrettyDivine said...

Aw yes your salvation army buys ;)
These pictures are so beautiful... That picture of the 'Duomo' especially! I would love to see that.
Garoline Love x

PrettyDivine said...

And i love your new sections! Especially 'about me' well said babe..
Love you x

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