Sunday, 2 May 2010


So the exam is finally over! After 3 long days. I really enjoyed it though, I can't wait to be doing this full time at LCF next year. Ah so excited.
Now, onto the rest of my exams until June 15th when it will finally be all over. And I will be packing for Dubrovnik with my boyfriend. Good things to come.

Yesterday I did a shoot for my friend (the one thats pretty much all over the dress above). We cycled to these remote fields that were so pretty, shame I got bitten by some groce bug, but they came out pretty cool.
Here's a couple:

Also, I don't know if you know the blog 'Zanita' but she is beautiful and has amazing outfits and recently has started doing shoots with up and coming models and her pictures are awesome. You should go over and take a look.
Here's the gorgeous creator of the blog herself, with her wicked outfits. And below is just an example of her awesome photography:
She also styles a lot of the shoots herself, could she get any cooler?


Pippa said...

You look stunning :)
Also OMG about LCF :O
Well done xox

Eva said...

Wow ! you have me all inspired to take out my sewing machine :)
the end project looks beautiful .
congratulations ! Eva x

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