Monday, 19 April 2010

Saturday was such a great day. The Grace Kelly exhibition was so great, beautiful dresses, including the outfits from 'High Society', The 'Hermes' Bag which she made famous and her princess tiara plus all her jewellery. Plus being in the Beautiful V&A, its a must see! Followed by Covent Garden on a particularly warm and sunny day, so much going on, plus amazing restaurants and vintage shops, could it get any better?
Both dresses from 'High Society' were at the exhibition.

Then in the evening, it was a really old friends 18th, it was a 'mini-festival' complete with stage, hog roast, amazing performances, dancing and general amazing time. The dress code was "hippie festival dress" so everyone went complete with trilby hats, rave paint and wellies. The performances were amazing, including one friends band who are through to Britains Got Talent this year!
Me (left) and friend Beth.

Setting up the marquee.

Plus: LOVING this look from Diane Kruger, she always looks so beautiful, love this simple, chic, summery look.

Much Love xx


PrettyDivine said...

I love what you wore to the festival party!! Generally great picture of you and beth..
Saturday was amazing.
Love you

stacey kelly said...

im so glad you like my blog, yours is too cute! i love these posts on grace kelly. she's beyond amazing.


shari @ little blue deer said...

I ADORE Grace Kelly! She is one of my all-time favorites! Great pics of you guys, looks like a fun party!

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