Thursday, 15 April 2010
Ok so first the most AMAZING dresses and outfits from yet another stunning Natalia shoot for Vogue China by Patrick Demarchelier. The playsuit is the same thats from the collage I posted below, ah hope I can find something almost as pretty for the Summer. I especially love the first purple dress, which is sort of birdlike and so etheral and elegant. It striked me as something Marion Cotillard would wear, (did I mention my slight obsession with her and her style?!). I saw the most amazing picture of her the other day from Jalouse:
This has tempted me to get my leather shorts out again!

Finally, thanks to Zanita ( I found this incredible website
with the most beautiful clothes, and crazy cool shoes. I am considering buying one of these two:

Finally: a friend edited this rather crazzzzy picture of me which was taken a while ago, I rather like it though, take a look:

Much Love xx

p.s In the process of planning accomodation etc for next year and officially accepted my place at London College of Fashion, London here I come!! So excited.


shari @ little blue deer said...

Oh, that's a cool pic of you!! I love Marion Cotillard, too, she is an incredible actress and has such style! Thanks for stopping by, and I am following you too! Cheers! p.s. congrats on your acceptance!

♥Mimi said...

you're going to a fashion school!!! so lucky. i'm jealous :D

I love this pic of you.

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