Thursday, 18 February 2010

Timeless Beauty

When I was working at Tank Magazine, Claudia Schiffer was the covergirl and at 40 looked incredible especially as Tank did not retouch or edit any of the photo's. And here she is again in V magazine looking beyond amazing and I absolutely adore the outfits too. She is an example of timeless and unbelievable beauty without endless face lifts. What do you think?

Happy Half Term! xxxx


isabella said...

it's amazing!
i love her, she is incredibly beautiful!
Amazing blog, loev it!
please check out & comment my blog!
and follow please :)!

nowandthenboutique said...

Claudia has always been one of my fave original supermodels! So beautiful, very classy.
This shoot is great, loving the muted colours, blue, white. Beautiful.
Also love the blog! Looking forward to the next post!

Robyn said...

Completely agree. She's beautiful, and these photos really show it!

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