Friday, 5 February 2010

New Fashion Find

Everyone has heard of Avatar. Great film - but not many know that the actress between the blue woman is actually the beautiful Zoe Saldana. I vaguely knew about her, recognised her from the mysterious character in Pirates of the Carribean. I was just browsing and found that she also has a pretty amazing style. I couldn't find her photographed in one outifit that I didn't like. Take a look:
I love the mix between really feminine, glamourous, classic dresses with edge and interesting designs. She also seems to have quite a vintage feel as well. Her everyday outfits are also classic, simple but beautiful like the gray blazer matched with gray top but accessorised with a pearl necklace. She also has a-m-a-zing shoes - especially the black laced heels above. Too me her look is a mix between Thandie Newton and Beyonce. Haven't found such a great fashion crush in a while! x

These are two of my favourite of her outfits. I also love her choice of jewellery. The salmon orange/pink dress is a dream!

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