Friday, 8 January 2010

In New York

After coming out of Abercrombie, Jess, Me, Amani, Milly.
Sorry this post is so late. General stresses of Christmas, New Year and going back to college, which thankfully was slightly delayed by the snow.
Well I now have a new favourite place in the world apart from Venice. New York was incredible. It was beyond beautiful in the snow and was just such an exciting City. We started off in Washington, which I thought was so clean with all the white buildings, and the White House was amazing. We even saw Obama's dog, Bo being walked in the snowy gardens, which was pretty awesome. We went to this amazing 3 hour play in Washington, called 'August (Osage County)' with some pretty famous actors in it, I think it was probably the best play I've seen.
We were snowed in, in Washington, the worst snow storm for 100 years apparently!! Everything closed down and we had one day where we only managed to walk about 2 metres to Starbucks across the road from our hotel.
Even though we were delayed by one day, New York was still immense. We went up the Empire State Building by night, the view was literally breathtaking, despite it was insanely cold and windy. Not only were there all the lights from the buildings but also the extra Christmas lights illuminating the City and you could see the white glow of the snow covering the ground. It was so beautiful.
We also went on the Staten Island Ferry, went to the MOMA which was incredible and had a tour of Wall Street and Ground Zero. This was accompanied by A LOT of food and so much fun and laughter with all my friends.
Here are a couple of photo's from the trip. Hoping to go back to New York as soon as possible!

Empire state of Mind

Wrapped up, venturing to Starbucks to get hot chocolate!

This is the Lincoln Memorial, its also the steps where Martin Luther King did his "I have a dream" Speech.

My Beautiful friend Amani and I on the Staten Island Ferry.

The Snow!!

Central Park

Me and Milly from - check out her post on NY as well.

In Times Square.

Sorry for the sheer amount of photo's, I have so many more! Another post to come soon. x

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