Monday, 2 November 2009

Major lack of posting due to being in Amsterdam ... it was amaze, pictures to come.

Above is a link to a video interview with Nikki about a clothes swap at The Shop which Georgia ( and I helped at last Sunday, and I appear at the beginning dressing a mannequin with a neck scarf!!! I am waiting to get the pictures through to do the full post but another article came out in the Cambridge Evening News today, I was also pretty excited to be named a "stylist" in the online article. It had such a great atmosphere and had a pretty good turn out. We are hoping to do another one soon or possible organise one in our college.

Does anyone else take part in swishing/ clothes swap events? Maybe we should organise a bloggers one!! They are so great and I always come back with some amazing finds.

Will post more soon but now have to catch up on the endless amounts of half term work I have not done...

Happy Monday x


Pippa Artus said...

I was REALLY annoyed I couldn't go! I was meant to be helping out aswell but it turned out that I had to work!! :(
What did you get?? :)

previouslyowned said...

aw! i saw you with the mannequin hehe

We have never done that over here. I mean, we did once but not as mainstream hehe


young-shields said...

ah i've met georgia! looks like theres a bit of a cambridge blogger scene occuring .. claire x

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