Monday, 19 October 2009

I was just researching about possible internships to apply for when I read a really interesting article from a previous Vogue intern in New York. It really reminded me of working at Tank, obviously without the limo's to pick her up (rather the opposite: taking the tube and running) and also without the glimpse of Anna Wintour but the sort of way she was treated and type of jobs she had to do and the way she talked about it I recognised and understood. It gave me hope for some strange reason that now I have experienced Tank, I can have a go at anything the fashion world may fling me if I get lucky. I'm not saying I won't cry down the phone to my mum who is desperately searching for the Dior store in London on multimap but I think even if its another couple of weeks at Tank, at another magazine, stylist or designer I would know now what is expected of me and really try to make the most of the experience.
Here's the link.

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Pippa Artus said...

Oh my goodness, ive read that article before and it makes me SO jealous!!! I would even love to do what you did at Tank :D

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