Thursday, 30 April 2009

Emmanuelle Ungaro

A couple of months ago a friend and I found out that Emmanuelle Ungaro was coming to Cambridge to do a talk and meet students at The Shop (a hub of activity provided for fashionista's). He arrived at The Shop in Cambridge, early evening. Mostly fashion students from Anglia Ruskin University occupied the space plus Georgia and I from sixth form college along with a couple of press. It was a very chilled setting, everyone with their current art work and personal portfolios around them. He came and actually looked at our art and textiles work. Ungaro has looked through my designs! He spoke to Georgia and I about ambition saying statements such as "ambition without talent is a lie" and also a very inspirational view of fashion such as he talked about how fashion is the best art form because it is everywhere, we live our lives in it. Georgia went on to make an amazing dress with the words "we live our lives in fashion" for her textiles project. I was unable to make his talk in the evening but just to have someone so inspiring who has made such a mark on the fashion world, talk to us and look at our work was a privilege.

Georgia and Ungaro share a beautiful moment!

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