Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Camden and The Ivy

Feeling some Camden time coming on...

Yes, about two weeks ago after a school trip we were offered the chance to make our own way back from London - who would not take up the oppurtunity for some quality shopping time?

So Suzie and I headed to vintage central - Camden Market.

Being on a bit of a budget after spending most of my allowance on criminally expensive train tickets I ended up buying two pieces. But pretty immense one's at that!

This white dress for just £4.99 and the most amazing boots I have ever owned. White leather heels.

Last year my dad won lunch for 4 at The Ivy in London, but conveniently forgot to tell us until last week. So as a family with two other friends we headed to the restaurant feeling very smug that we did not have to pay. I wore the dress and the boots and even though they cost me very little I didn't feel completely out of place next to the six foot chanel clad girls having their daily chat over lunch.

Listening to: Birds and the Bees by Breathe Carolina

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